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Full-Scale Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

5 Oct 2023  |
Elcan Industries boasts a cutting-edge toll processing and contract manufacturing center with several bays specifically for toll sieving and screening, catering to high-performance sectors.

With the use of their sophisticated sieving machines, the Hi-Sifter and Elbow Jet Air Classifier, Elcan provides businesses with material separation solutions ranging from toll sieving, magnetic separation, repackaging, toll blending down to particle size analysis! Elcan is capable of managing multiple truckloads of material and the facility’s design and operational configurations prioritize material processing segregation, ensuring no risk of cross-contamination to our customers.

Benefits of Toll Processing at Elcan Industries:

  • Higher Yields: Our advanced sieving equipment can produce higher yields and efficiencies over conventional sieves and classifiers.
  • New Products: We offer customers the ability to develop new products and bring them to market without being capitally committed to purchasing new equipment.
  • Direct Shipping: Elcan can ship directly to customers to avoid additional shipping fees.
  • Custom Packaging: Elcan also offers customized packaging and labeling formats for any customer specification.
  • Daily Communication: Real-time feedback on product performance and daily reports generated from the ASTM certified in-house laboratory.
  • Diversity in Material Handling: capable of handling material in various feed and finished packaging formats.

Toll Processing Services Offered at Elcan Industries:

For over 30 years, Elcan Industries has been the leader in advanced powder processing & handling services. With unmatched expertise and cutting-edge proprietary technologies, we have set the standard in the industry for precision and efficiency. Our unparalleled abilities have allowed us to consistently outshine our competitors, solidifying our reputation as the go-to choice for any project requiring superior results and performance.

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Elcan Industries offers unparalleled levels of screening capabilities that provide excellent efficiencies on even the hardest to screen chemicals, powdered metals, glass and ceramics, foods, plastics, minerals, oil drilling muds, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, and coating...