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Aeration products knock clingy material out of silos with a one-two punch

1 Jul 2022  |
Dry material clumps. It sticks. Powder, grains and even seed finds ways to cling to sidewalls and cones causing issues inside a bin or silo. BinMaster has an answer using aeration and vibration to loosen stubborn material.

The Airbrator is extremely economical and easy to install. Its special design creates a vibration as air flows between the Airbrator pad’s boot and the bin wall.

The diffuser air pad, also easy on the wallet, is ideal for finely ground dry materials that tend to pack in storage.

Multiple pads are installed along a bin wall and low-pressure air directed along the bin walls create a continuous, even flow of material out of the bin.

The compact diffuser air pad:

  • Helps ensure materials flow from bin cone to discharge
  • Mounts along bin walls and cone to promote flow of powders or solids
  • Works in a variety of finely ground dry materials, such as flour or cement
  • Prevents materials from packing and clinging to bin walls while in storage

The rugged Airbrator alternative:

  • Uses aeration and vibration to eliminate packing and maintain flow of dry bulk materials
  • Is for indoor or outdoor applications in bins and storage vessels
  • Can be used in high temperature or corrosive applications
  • Is great for materials like seed, grain, flakes, sawdust, cement, PVC resin, fly ash, carbon black, lime, sand, cornstarch, gypsum, or sugar


Any discussion involving material bridging or clogging should include a MAJOR EMPHASIS on safety. According to the OSHA, more than 900 cases of bulk storage engulfment were reported in the United States alone during the past 50 years. The FATALITY rate is 60%. Check the stories. Many of these deaths happened to people entering a bin to clear a clog.

Prevent buildup with aeration and win the battle against clogged bins.

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