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Container Tilt Chassis – Weighing And Unloading

Container Tilt  Chassis – Weighing And Unloading
16 Aug 2022  |
This equipment is designed to unload bulk containers with plastic granules and repack the products for local needs and logistic handling.

The containers are placed on a tipping device with an integrated certified weighing bridge using a reach stacker. The weight of the container is read and then emptied into a hopper located below. After emptying, the empty weight of the container is read and the actual net weight of the batch is determined.

Due to the design of the tipping chassis, the weighing equipment is completely separate from the structure. For weighing, a weighing frame with 4 measuring cells is hydraulically lifted to decouple the container from the tipping chassis. The hydraulic lift is provided by special synchronized cylinders and controls. The interlock with the tipping station is ensured. 2 tipping stations are controlled by one control system.

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