Coperion K-Tron Scale Hopper Provides Accurate Batch Weighing

8 Oct 2019  |
SALINA, KS - The Coperion K-Tron Scale Hopper is used for accurate weighing of ingredients before mixing. Material can be delivered to the scale hoppers by a closed-loop vacuum or pressure Aeropass system.

Scale hoppers are available in working capacities ranging from 0.2 m3 through 2.9 m3 [7-104 ft3]. The inlet is equipped with a tangential entry baffle which mates to an Aeropass valve. It provides better material air separation and more even filling of the hopper. The hopper features three support lugs, evenly spaced around the circumference which can be used to suspend the hopper from load cells. Additional features include a filtered vent with a check valve, a coupling to accommodate a high/low level control, and a discharge flange to match a knife or butterfly gate valve.

The hopper is constructed on a steep, 63° slope to encourage the discharge of hard-to-handle materials, and is equipped with a vibrator mounting pad.

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