Coperion ZXQ DuroProtect® Wear Resistant Rotary Valve Designed for Minerals Application

The Coperion ZXQ DuroProtect® blow-through rotary valve is specially designed for abrasive applications in the minerals industry.

It is used for conveying products in powder form (smaller than 1 mm). The blow-through configuration enhances rotor pocket cleanout while conveying and allows installation in tight quarters. The ZXQ DuroProtect® includes patented blow-through channel for optimal pocket sweeping and offers pressure differentials up to 3.5 bar(g) [51 psi(g)] and temperatures up to 100°C [212°F] standard.

The highest level of abrasion resistance consists of a DuroCera® ceramic lined bore and blow-through channel with DuroCarb® tungsten carbide coated rotor tips. The DuroProtect® design is optimized for product properties (in particular abrasiveness) and operating conditions (particularly pressure difference).

The design effectively incorporates erosive wear protection. High wear resistance ensures long-term low leakage gas rates and lasting service life.

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