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Gericke Vibro Feeder Gently Meters and Doses Fragile Materials

Gericke Vibro Feeder Gently Meters and Doses Fragile Materials
6 Mar 2024  |
The Vibro Feeder model Gericke GVD bulk material feeder from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, safeguards fragile products such as snack chips, cereal flakes, pills and tablets, and other sensitive products from degradation during automated feeding.

Introduced to offer gentle yet accurate metering and dosing, the Vibro Feeder features a proprietary design that integrates vibration with gravity feeding to safely advance the high-value products and ingredients from infeed to discharge in a single layer for reduced potential for contact and breakage. Particle size and shape are protected while high throughput rates of up to 460 ft³/h (13,000 liters/h) are commonly achieved.

Suitable for feeding food, pharmaceutical, chemical, nutrition, and other products in sanitary environments, the hygienic Vibro Feeder eliminates the need for rotating tools and associated wear parts in favor of a smooth, streamlined design that disassembles in seconds. With complete access to the interior, cleaning is quick and easy. Stainless steel construction is included as standard while dust-tight enclosures, and a variety of deck materials for abrasive materials are offered as options.

The Vibro Feeder model may be tested on fully operating process equipment in the company’s New Jersey test laboratory. The feeder is delivered inspected and ready for installation with a one-year warranty.

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