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Eriez® Magnetic Separators for Reliability, Product Purity and Speedy Delivery

Eriez® Magnetic Separators for Reliability, Product Purity and Speedy Delivery
31 Jul 2020  |
Eriez has been providing quality magnetic separation products to remove tramp metals and protect downstream equipment since 1942.

In 2015, the company introduced its RE7HP Xtreme® Rare Earth Magnetic Circuit, which today remains the industry’s strongest magnet. RE7HP is available in select tubes, grate and trap magnets, and the most popular size magnets are in stock and ready to ship. Eriez also offers quick shipping on all magnetic separators in its economical ProGrade® line. Three strength levels of ProGrade magnets are available ingrate, plate, tube, and strap assemblies.

With Eriez magnetic separators in place, processing lines become more efficient with less human interaction and handling of food products required. Eriez magnetic separators are utilized in some of the world’s largest food manufacturers’ hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) programs and serve as a keep component in helping these customers comply with new standards set forth by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other government regulations. 

RE7HP magnets are available in 1-inch diameter by any length tubes. These separators are offered in various frameworks or housing for direct fit in dry and liquid processes. Additional magnet strengths are also available. Eriez Light Industry Manager Eric Confer explains, “Our basic rare earth tube magnet, the RE5HP, gives food industry customers the benefits of added durability and high magnetic separation efficiency. For customers who require enhanced power, our RE7HP tube magnet provides 25 percent more magnetic strength.”

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