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Hardy Delivers CASEWEIGHERS in Record Time

Hardy Delivers CASEWEIGHERS in Record Time
17 Jun 2021  |
Hardy Process Solutions delivered a set of CASEWEIGHERS and REJECT SYSTEMS against an urgent need for a large fruit farming operation located in central California.

While the initial Request for Quote had been received earlier and an order was booked shortly after, a last-minute change to the machine height was not received until late afternoon Friday and by Monday Hardy was able to commit to a Thursday delivery, just 4 working days later!

Fortunately, with Hardy’s Preferred Availability program firmly in place for commonly ordered Caseweighers, the production team got to work and assembled two caseweighers and two outfeed/rejectors from the ground-up in just two days!  Once assembled, Quality Control went through its checkoff list and Technical Services performed the initial set-up and customer product testing.  With a harvest in process and a desperate need for the equipment, the customer sent their own truck for pick-up before noon on Thursday so they could have the equipment on their factory floor by Friday. 

“The amazing thing was that equipment was a pile of parts sitting in inventory on Monday and installed on the customer floor half-way across the State on Friday”, says Tim Norman, Product Development Manager for Hardy Process Solutions.  “In times of rampant supply chain disruptions, I was especially happy that Hardy was positioned to deliver against this customer’s urgent needs”.   

After a successful install, the customer explained his desperation began a month earlier when their existing machinery broke down, parts were no longer available for the expired model and lead times for new equipment were in excess of two months.  “I even search the used equipment market without success”, said the customer.

Ready for Production

Built in the USA, with a modular equipment design and with an ongoing commitment to maintaining parts inventory, Hardy can respond rapidly to customer needs. While Hardy maintains stock of popular machine models, producing equipment in days instead of months is a testament to the effectiveness of “Designed for Manufacturability” principles applied during the development stage.  Furthermore, Hardy tests customer products on the actual machine before shipping to not only ensure that it’s the right equipment for the application, but also to allow customers to put the equipment into production within hours of receipt by pre-loading recipes and tuning the equipment beforehand.

At the heart of the equipment is Hardy’s Checkweight controller sampling at 4,800 times per second to provide extremely accurate and fast weight data for packages from 1 to 50 lbs at speeds up to 60 updates-per-minute.  Maintenance-Free motor drive rollers further eliminate complexities typical of chain or pully conveyor drive systems.

Featuring a large touch screen HMI display, operators can easily navigate between different product recipes or adjust machine set-up parameters. The open frame is constructed of durable round tube that is available in either painted or stainless steel.

About Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in the weighing automation world by providing highly accurate precision measurements, while seamlessly integrating process weight signals into a plant control system.  At Hardy, we believe that industrial weighing solutions should be EASY to engineer and operate.  We believe that simplicity delivers the LOWEST TOTAL COST to own. That’s why our solutions are EASIER to install, integrate, commission, diagnose and maintain in all four areas of the supply chain. 

1.         STOCK – accurate weight and level measurement/monitoring
2.         MAKE – adaptable weight & rate material feed measurement/control
3.         PACK – for robust rate & weight feed measurement/control
4.         SHIP – off-the-shelf static and dynamic check weighing solutions

Want MORE PRODUCTIVITY at the LEAST TOTAL COST to own? Call Hardy to discover how Today!  For further information, visit the Hardy Process Solutions website at, call 858-278-2900 or email Press Contact:   Janice Kall at 858-255-6782 or

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