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How Can You Improve Your Process Equipment’s ROI?

How Can You Improve Your Process Equipment’s ROI?
19 Oct 2023  |
Overlooking the importance of investing in quality connectors to integrate your high-performing larger equipment is a common and costly mistake among manufacturing businesses.

After all, when you purchase a sieve or dryer, its long-term impact on the business’ productivity and efficiency is likely to be a key consideration, so why is there a disconnect (excuse the pun!) in logic when it comes to products that integrate this equipment into the process line?

Time and time again, it has become exceedingly evident that your flexible connectors require the same attention to quality if you want to boost your ROI.

Avoid Using Sub-standard Flexible Connectors

If you’ve invested in a quality mixer or sifter, for example, why would you then connect that to your production process using an inferior clamped flexible sleeve that has the potential to leak or be time consuming to change? 

You would want to ensure you have the best flexible connection system possible to enhance your productivity and your ROI.

Connect it with quality BFM® fittings.

The industry leading flexible connectors chosen by multinational manufacturers worldwide, is the BFM® fitting. This unique patented product comprising  a blue-band flexible connector that snap-fits into steel adaptors (or ‘spigots’), provides true value for money that is unrivalled in the market.

Here’s why:

Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Costs

One of the most significant advantages of BFM® fittings is their contribution to reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Traditional connectors and clamps often wear out over time, leading to leaks, dust emissions, and product contamination. This can result in unplanned downtime, expensive maintenance, and increased production costs.

‘Cut to fit’ type sleeves that are clamped in place also risk inaccuracies and variations that can take considerable manual adjustments every time they are removed and replaced.  This is a considerable contributor to production downtime.

With their snap-fit design and durable materials, BFM® fittings provide a long-lasting, dust-tight seal and are always correctly positioned every time – no matter who replaces them. You need to replace them less often, and when you do, it’s a fast, easy process so there’s less downtime and lower overall maintenance costs.

As a result, your business can expect a tangible and quick ROI on the initial investment in a BFM® fitting system.

Optimized Product Flow and Efficiency

Because they seal 100% from the inside of the pipe, rather than being attached to the outside, BFM® fittings facilitate a smoother flow of materials throughout your production process. Unlike traditional connectors, there are no crevices where materials can accumulate, and because they can handle both positive and negative pressure without leaks, there is increased process efficiency and less wasted product.

For example, if you transport your product via vacuum, the superior seal of the BFM® fitting system can help increase your flow volume versus a clamped connector where potential air ingress can limit the pressure capability.  The improved product flow can help businesses maximize their production capacity, reduce energy consumption, and optimize resources. As a result, BFM® fittings can deliver a significant return on investment by contributing to increased production output and reduced operational costs.

Reduced Product Loss and Waste

Reducing product loss not only saves on raw material costs but also decreases the expenses associated with cleaning and disposal of waste materials. This aspect of cost savings can contribute substantially to the ROI of BFM® fittings over time.

Improved Product Quality

BFM® fittings not only optimize the efficiency of your production processes but also enhance the quality of your products. The dust-tight seal reduces the risk of cross-contamination between different materials and ensures a cleaner final product. This is particularly crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing, where product purity and safety are paramount.

Consider the potential cost of a product recall because of contamination – such as a piece of clamp or torn connector falling into your process line. Enhanced product quality and safety translate into lower rejection rates, and a stronger market reputation, all of which contribute to a more favourable ROI over time.

Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

Many manufacturers have a huge variety of different flexible connectors being used throughout their plants. These often vary greatly in material type, fitting style, quality and safety conformity. Keeping track of replacement stock and batch-tracking in case of product faults can be challenging.

By standardizing your flexible connectors throughout your plant to BFM® fitting and rationalising connector sizes throughout your plant, you can streamline your inventory and stock control.  You’ll always have the appropriate spare in stock which will mean faster replacement and less downtime.

A Quality BFM® fitting System Maximises Your ROI

BFM® fittings offer a unique and cost-effective solution to enhance the efficiency, product quality, and profitability of industrial processes. By reducing downtime, maintenance costs, product loss, and waste while improving product quality and efficiency, BFM® fittings will make sure you get the most out of your process equipment and your ROI is maximised.

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