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KÖLLEMANN Screw Conveyors for Conveying Bulk Materials

22 Jul 2021  |
KÖLLEMANN screw conveyors are used to convey dusty, grainy, and flowing bulk materials.

Their strengths are best used with free-flowing and conveyable materials such as sand, cement, granulate, ash, and similar materials. However, our screws are also perfectly suitable for conveying problematic bulk materials such as potentially explosive, abrasive, or adhering materials. We will be pleased to help you to solve your conveying problems or to convey your goods.

Thanks to sophisticated engineering and our wealth of experience, KÖLLEMANN screw conveyors are an obvious choice, even for products that under normal circumstances could hardly be dealt with by a screw. Thanks to the proven and tested KÖLLEMANN self-cleaning principle, problem-free conveying is possible, even for adhesive bulk materials. Our portfolio offers you suitable screw conveyor products for all areas of application.


  • Length without middle bearing up to 14,500mm
  • Diameter from 100mm to 1200mm
  • Single or multiple shaft design
  • Tubular or U-shaped trough
  • Shaft geometry adapted to the bulk material

KÖLLEMANN feeding-screw conveyors are used to fill combustion chambers, calcining furnaces, fluidized bed systems, and waste incineration plants. Even if the process conditions will not allow a bearing to be used at the end side (facing the process), charging screws are the optimum solution.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in the field of conveying we have many possibilities for designing the geometry and configuration of the system: For example, it is possible to cool or – if the process requires – to heat individual parts or the entire machine to protect and maintain the structure. Abrasive bulk materials do not pose a risk to the life of the machine, as the varied options provide effective measures for preventing unwanted premature wear. Our product range includes versions with multiple shaft designs to satisfy the mass flow rate and cleaning requirements.


  • Direct input into fluidised bed furnaces
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Optional structure cooling
  • Bearings on one side only


The experienced employees of KÖLLEMANN in plant design, engineering, project management, design, production, and service ensure our high-quality standards. Our strength is offering customized solutions to problems in continuous processes, in which potentially explosive, aggressive, abrasive, or sensitive bulk products are processed. Our customers have the advantage to rely on our production of process components that guarantee careful product handling and long service life, due to their conservative design.


KÖLLEMANN is certified to ISO 9001:2015


Our highly qualified engineers and technicians provide you with comprehensive and competent advice for each task. Our product portfolio contains customer-oriented solutions. We produce almost no standard products in volume. We create and produce each machine as a 3D model according to the specific requirements of our customers and are able to offer the best solution for each application.

Customer-oriented solutions

Our actions are focused on meeting your progressing requirements. Each KÖLLEMANN product is precisely adapted to the customer’s industry and application: from the engineering through to the assembly of the ready-to ship machine.

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