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Leading-Edge Technology for Bulk Solids

Leading-Edge Technology for Bulk Solids
7 Feb 2020  |
As a new era in bulk goods dawns, find inspiration at trade shows Solids & Recycling-Technik.

Dortmund – The demands placed on technologies for processing modern bulk solids are constantly rising. Today’s strategies no longer focus strictly on increases in efficiency and the careful consumption of energy and resources: Given the ubiquitous shortage of skilled workers, it has become critical to fortify processes in order to protect people, the environment and production plants. On 1 & 2 April 2020, the trade show Solids & Recycling-Technik Dortmund will address these and other challenges faced by industry – both today and tomorrow. Throughout the exhibition and in technical lectures, numerous experts will engage the visitors to encourage the exchange of knowledge and spark ideas for tackling a demanding future.

The primary issues facing decision-makers in the bulk materials industry are: how to position oneself efficiently and sustainably on the market, and how to defend and maintain that position in future. Against a background of growing shortages in skilled workers and stricter legal requirements in Germany, it has also become more difficult to ensure safety and prevent errors in demanding processes. On 1 & 2 April 2020 in Dortmund, solutions for these and other issues of concern to industrial sectors will be presented at the two trade shows Solids & Recycling-Technik. “It’s of great importance to us that both the exhibition and our lecture programme cover the latest core themes affecting industry, and that they inspire ideas in the visitor for how to address those challenges concretely,” says Sandrina Schempp, Event Director, Solids & Recycling Technology at trade show organiser Easyfairs. This was also underscored by Arend Klöver, Disposal Representative at Beiersdorf AG, in his review of the shows two years ago: “Top experts highlighted the newest trends and illustrated innovative approaches to the industry’s hot topics.”

One of the best-known industry meeting places for experts from the powders, granules and bulk solids sector, the show always focuses on the latest issues. Whether that be safe storage, dosing, mixing or separating: At the show, visitors can discuss their technical challenges and the opportunities afforded by automation and digitalization, as well as forge new – or deepen existing – business relationships.

Workshops, lectures and live explosion demonstrations

For people who need to get a firm grip on current and future tasks, the lectures and workshops on the stages of the Innovation and Solution Centers will provide numerous opportunities to exchange ideas with experts. On the first day of the show, the audience can look forward to contributions from the Institute for Applied Building Research (IAB) Weimar on the subject of practice-oriented bulk solids simulation using the ‘discrete element’ method. Experts from the IAB will present their novel method for mapping the behavior of bulk solids and reveal the potential of simulation.

Another topic to be elaborated is how companies can protect themselves against explosion. Alongside lectures on the legal requirements for e.g. safe plant operation or the safety parameters of dusts, Prof. Dr. Ing. Uli Barth of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Integrative Safety in Wuppertal will also give a presentation on assessing explosion and fire hazards. Furthermore, visitors can once again look forward to the live explosion demonstrations in the open-air demo area of the fairgrounds.

Outfitted for the future

On the second day of the show, in a special sub-theme called “From law to practice”, experts will demonstrate how to smoothly implement occupational safety and health regulations in real life. The subject of safety also figures prominently in other presentations, for example in lectures on the safe handling of hazardous bulk materials. Besides the essential aspects of solids technology, topics from the recycling industry will also be illuminated on the lecture stages. The focus will be on implementing the Commercial Waste Ordinance, as well as on the recycling of packaging.

With these and the many other in-depth activities taking place on both days of Solids & Recycling-Technik in Dortmund, trade visitors can prepare themselves to meet the increasing expectations on their industries.

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