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Since 1915, Exen Corp. has been solving clogging problems with its air knocker (impactor). The air knocker continues to perform and provide results on any necessary work type, and is especially effective against fine powders and sticky or clinging materials in the hopper, chute, and pipes.

Knocker will successfully discharge the work even if the content is made of fine particles or sticky materials. If you currently can not solve the problems even uses pneumatic vibrator, electric vibrator, AIR KNOCKER will be successfully able to solve your clogging problems.

Big impact force of air knocker can be useful for users who have clogging problems. Also, stainless steel made, ferrule clamp spec knocker is perfect for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry. It is 100% made in Japan.

Features EXEN Air Knocker

  • Easy to adjust impact force only with adjusting a pneumatic pressure – (0.3 – 0.7 MPa) can increase and decrease knocker impact force. Depends on the powder condition, it can allow to adjust an impact force and then can provide the best impact force for various type of conditions
  • Simple maintenance Replacing expendable parts on-the-spot is made simple – With only 4 replacement parts, tasks can be completed with just one equipment. Maintenance work on one knocker takes only 10 minutes.
  • Stainless steel and sanitary spec knocker available as our standard model – Perfect for food & dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and medicine products where corrosion is unacceptable.
    Also sanitary models with the ferrule clamp spec are available.
  • Minimal consumption of air – Reduction of electricity in your factory! Air consumption rate for one impact of EXEN Air Knocker is dramatically lower than that of existing pneumatic ball/piston/ turbine typed vibrator. Switching to our Air Knocker from air vibrating type in the similar class alone will greatly save you electric bills on compressors that account for 30% of electricity usage.In comparison to piston vibration type in the similar class, you will be able to realize 85% reduction of air consumption. (In-house comparison)
  • Outstanding Durability – Cleared testing of 1 million impacts. (Tested at our internal lab). Great reduction of damage on expendable parts because it does not continually vibrate as air vibrating type devices. You will be able to use it continuously for 3 years without any maintenance. when used twice per minute, 8 hours a day and 365 days straight! (length may vary due to work conditions).
  • Quick and Easy operation – Since our knockers can operate with only pneumatic source when uses our air operation controller AOC-1B, it is not required any electricity and electrical construction work.
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