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Maximizing Safety & Simplicity

Maximizing Safety & Simplicity
25 Mar 2022  |
Appropriate engineering design of bulk handling and processing facilities is crucial to accomplish the required levels of containment. Particular attention must be given in order to maintain containment through the entire process, from the charging of raw materials, to the required process and intermediate pack-off, all at reasonable cost.

Dec’s new proprietary docking system – SafeDock® – guarantees high containment (<1 μg/m3) and can be used for discharging and filling FIBCs and drums in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. While the system protects workers and the environment from harmful substances, it also allows for simplified and fast docking operations in a fully contained manner.  The implementation of SafeDock® will contribute to overall plant optimization throughout the API handling process.

The docking system consists of a single tube without any auxiliary utilities providing you great ease of cleaning. A side port featuring a CLS continuous liner is used to remove the inliner. A flexible single-use ring seals the big bag spout. This ring can then be easily removed with the remaining liner through the side port while maintaining complete containment and isolation. This high safety and foolproof system guarantees impeccable sealing at all times without external energy sources.

SafeDock® will provide improvement to many pharmaceutical and chemical companies by saving time and meeting the rigorous requirements for occupational health and safe production standards ensuring high containment.

Benefits of SafeDock Connection System:

  • Applicable for filling and emptying
  • High containment (< 1 µg/m3)
  • User-friendly operation – simple, fast and safe 
  • Easy to integrate into process and pack-off suites drums, FIBCs or combined systems
  • Applicable with Isotube drum/bag emptying glove box and CLS Continuous Liner System
  • Optimized cleaning procedure (CIP/SIP), solvent resistant
  • No internal seals, double mechanical sealing
  • Accommodates different container sizes and types, incl. aluminum foil liners
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