The VIGISPACE® Explosion Vent Deflector EV-VS limits the opening angle of the explosion vent and guides the explosion pressure wave, flames, and heat into defined areas. When an outdoor explosion occurs, explosion vents open and release the explosion flame and pressure wave into the environment.

The VIGISPACE is designed to guide the pressure and flame discharge to avoid unwanted collateral damages. The VIGISPACE will limit the opening angle of the explosion vent and guide the pressure, flame, and heat relief upwards.

By decreasing the size of dangerous areas, the VIGISPACE® helps to reduce the safety zone to a minimum and increases usable operating space while providing optimum protection against explosions.

The VIGISPACE has an easy installation and must be paired with our VIGILEX VL or VD panels. The VIGISPACE® Explosion Vent Deflector is ATEX certified and NFPA approved.

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