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New Open-Mouth Bagging Machine for Powders

20 Jan 2021  |
The PTF series developed by Premier Tech is a fully automatic open-mouth bagger designed for quick and precise dosing of powders with up to +/- 25gr@2sigma accuracy.

This bottom-up innovative filling system reduces product free falling to the minimum as the vertical auger automatically fills the bag from bottom to top, keeping dust emissions to a minimum. The filling is done in two distinct steps; first coarse filling, then top-up fine filling at a further position, allowing for rapid and accurate target weights and a production capacity of up to 20 bags per minute. The platform was also designed in accordance with all standards including ATEX for the handling of explosive powders and has the flexibility to adapt to different sizes of bags from 10kg up to 55 kg.  

The PTF open-mouth bagger is cleaner, faster, and more accurate, offering higher precision compared to other technology on the market such as valve packers and carousel bagging systems. The PTF series also provides major payback and savings with 3X fewer product giveaways thanks to its optimum accuracy and minimal dust bagging process. At maximum output rates, optimal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can be reached with up to 98% uptime.

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