New Product Air Knocker RKV120P/ RKD120P, Strongest Class Impact in the World

Two models, RKV120P (Indirect type) and RKD120P (Direct impact type) have been added to the EXEN Air knocker line-up as the strongest impact force model.

(Indirect type: 7 models, Direct impact type: 5 models and stainless steel type: 7 models). Those two models are suitable for preventing the clogging of large equipment that the impact force of conventional knockers cannot solve. In particular, the world’s strongest class impact force RKV120P and RKD120P models are suitable for large equipment sites such as mining, steelwork, power plant, incineration plant, and agriculture.

Same with EXEN conventional type air knocker, the body made of ductile cast iron (FCD800) exhibits excellent durability even in the harsh environment site.

Also, an air knocker can operate up to 5 units only with one solenoid valve when using the EXEN original relay piping method. Since one solenoid can control up to 5 air knockers, the initial cost also can be reduced.

Furthermore, by using the EXEN original technology valve called a mushroom valve, the air knocker can change the impact force simply (131 – 321 N・m) only by adjusting a pneumatic pressure (3 – 7 Bar).

RKD Series

RKD type is suitable for the places where welding is not possible for installation. RKD type is used for rotating and moving objects such as rotary kilns and transported hopper. Furthermore, it is also used as a rapping device to remove the clinker placed around the water tube of boiler equipment in the power plant. Since it is not necessary to install the object by welding, it can be used in various ways depending on your application.

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