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NORMICOM: Big Bags’ Discharge and Process Machines’ Loading Solutions

29 Jun 2021  |
Within the main factors that distinguish excellent plants, there is the presence, inside of their production lines, of efficient, practical solutions, that safeguard the operators’ safety.

That’s why Normicom, a company that’s been active for more than 15 years on the Italian territory in the bulk handling field, always offers its customers the best components and technologies, as the result of the collaboration with international, reliable, and future-oriented partners.

Besides providing components for the pneumatic transport, mixing, discharge, dosage, sieving, and manipulation, Normicom offers its customers also complete and customizable solutions, such as the process machines’ loading from bags’ system. From the bag’s handling through vacuum ergonomic manipulators, the product is discharged inside of a sack tipping station equipped with a vibratory screener that allows quick and efficient screening of the material.

The vacuum ergonomic lifter branded Piab takes advantage of the strength of the compressed air to lift any kind of product up to 250 kg. Thanks to this technology, the operator doesn’t perceive any weight, and his safety is totally safeguarded. The sack tip station, instead, integrated with a vibratory screener of the brand Farleygreene, is equipped with an inclined sack rest table that facilitates the opening and the manual discharge of the sack for the operator. Thanks to the vibratory screener it is possible to do check screenings of any kind of material, because of the vibration of grids available in different diameters’ meshes; any kind of contamination or the foreign object is removed, granting a clean and uniform final product. The loading from sacks’ system can furthermore be integrated with a Piab vacuum conveyor, to easily and quickly move the sieved material to process machines. This solution was chosen and installed with success inside of the production line of an important Italian company, specialized in the processing of the base powder for ice cream. 

Thanks to the solution provided by Normicom, the sack discharge’s process got way much faster, efficient, and safe, while the vibratory screener made the final product homogeneous and clean from any foreign object.

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NORMICOM is an important reference reality in the material handling sector, specialized in components and technologies for the handling and handling of powders and granules and the mixing of solids in liquids. Active for over...

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