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Pneumatic Conveyor Control Instrumentation Integrates with PLC, IoT, MES

Pneumatic Conveyor Control Instrumentation Integrates with PLC, IoT, MES
29 Oct 2023  |
The STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, features a proprietary design that is compatible with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) process control software, and Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Integrating easily with nearly every type of manufacturing automation software in use worldwide, the STP-61 conveyor controller also operates with the Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet communication protocols, supplies data for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) automation software, and may be installed in both fully and partially automated processes.

Operating as a stand-alone unit or embedded in a plant control system, the STP-61 automatically optimizes the efficiency of bulk material transfer in the company’s dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. The conveyor controller arrives pre-configured to suit the installation requirements without requiring on-site PLC programming capabilities for easy setup and smooth operation with fast commissioning, testing and startup. 

The automated conveyor control system may be installed with new pneumatic conveying systems or retrofitted onto existing conveyor systems. Testing is offered in the company’s test laboratory to verify conveyor performance and ease of use.

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