Pneumatic Operation Timer Controller AOC-1B

Pneumatic Operation Timer Controller AOC-1B
The operation controller "AOC-1B" is a pneumatic timer controller for operating the EXEN Air knocker and Mini Mini Blaster.

Since it uses only compressed air (3 – 7 Bar) as the power source, it does not require any electrical work. Therefore, there is no risk of electrical leakage and it can be used in environments that electricity cannot be used, such as dusty environments.

Compact and lightweight design, the AOC-1B can be installed anywhere.

ON/OFF is simply controlled by the valve manually, and the air knocker impact cycle (12 to 60 times/ min) can be simply adjusted by speed controller on the side of the AOC-1B.


Easy installation and NO need for cumbersome electrical wiring work.

Since the power source of the AOC-1B requires only compressed air, complicated and cumbersome electrical wiring work are not required. Just branch an existing air piping to connect to AOC-1B.


The AOC-1B can be used not only for Air knockers, but also for the Mini Mini Blaster that blasts air into the hopper to prevent clogging.

Mini Mini Blaster details. HERE

Easy adjustment of Air knocker impact cycle.

The impact cycle can be easily adjusted to 12 – 60 times per minute by adjusting the speed controller on the side of the AOC-1B.

Control multiple knockers

Up to three air knockers can be controlled by AOC-1B. Therefore, the overall cost can be reduced. Furthermore, an electric timer control can be used when using solenoid valve with PLC.

Various types of controllers are available.

In addition to the AOC-1B, we also handle many types of operation controllers.

You can choose the optimal operation controller depending on the number of air knockers and the environment for use.

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Free suitable air knocker model selection service.

We are willing to provide the most suitable air knocker model, control panel and piping reference depending on your application and current blockage condition.

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