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PROcheck – Comprehensive and Individualized Service Sustainably Maximizes Customer Results

21 Mar 2022  |
Digital and innovative – the 2022 HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division Sales Days took place as an online event, which for the company was unique on this scale. The focus of the 2- day event was the new PROcheck approach.

Whereas in the past face-to-face meetings were held in large event rooms, at the 2022 Sales Days the employees stood before cameras and informed the other more than 150 colleagues in front of their monitors. State-of-the-art technology, professional lighting and comfortable lounge chairs transformed the Carl Haver Forum into the Carl Haver Studio. Christian Reinke, Head of Marketing, was the moderator while eight colleagues presented the eight segments of the new PROcheck approach while other experts from Sales, Engineering and Service mediated interesting technical, practical and expert knowledge.

At the beginning of the event, Chief Sales Officer Bernhard Pagenkemper presented the 2025 Business Plan for the entire Machinery Division, allowing the audience to share in the company’s vision: Developing from a Machinery Division to a Service Division. “The future cannot be stopped,” he emphasized. “Ten billion people on earth, megacities, energy, saving the planet and Big Data are topics that will continue to be crucial in the future,” he said.

The PROcheck approach, with which Haver & Boecker accompanies its customers throughout the entire life cycle of their machines and systems, turns this vision into reality. The approach enables sales and service experts to use the tools and measures of the eight segments in order to identify and enhance the potential of each customer’s process. The aim is to optimize machines, systems and plants so that they operate even more successfully and profitably, thus maximizing the customer’s productivity and earnings in the long term. It is continuously driven by Haver & Boecker’s Perfect Flow, which is based on the ideal interaction between product, machinery and packaging and with which the company ensures a reliable, clean and efficient material flow. The Chief Sales Officer sees the unique PROcheck approach as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with customers and to accompany them on their way to achieving their goals. With the mantra: “Whatever you need – we’re there for you – no matter when, no matter where.”

With a combination of theoretical and practical content, and by using lively presentations and valuable contributions, the employees succeeded on camera in reaching their colleagues as they watched closely on their screens. At the end, a big “thank you” was given on screen to the audience, organization team, speakers, moderator and technical support. They were all part of this new digital format at Haver & Boecker.

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