REMBE goes West: New Premises in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

REMBE goes West: New Premises in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA
REMBE Inc., the American Branch of REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, headquartered in Brilon, Germany has just moved into its new premises in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The brand name REMBE is worldwide renowned for superior quality and performance in industrial safety solutions such as Turn-Key Dust and Gas Explosion Protection Systems and Pressure Relief Devices like rupture discs or breather valves.

REMBE has successfully protected numerous sites across the U.S. and Canada ranging from wood manufacturing factories to critical processes in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

„When we started our operations in 2006 we faced tough times to convince American Prospects to rely on a non-American product“ reflects Stefan Penno, CEO of the parent company in Germany.

„However, the REMBE Quality convinced not only multi-nationals but local producers as they quickly recognized how much money they save with a tailor-made solution that keeps their process running without unwanted interruptions“ adds Stefan Penno.

REMBEs approach is not just selling commodity items but develop bespoke solutions and engineer total safety concepts including full service from Start-up to regular maintenance.

The company had its first breakthrough end of the 80s when introducing the technology of flameless venting. The most famous product of those days was the Q-Rohr, a quench pipe with an incorporated vent panel that retards not only explosion flames but reduces the heat emission. Allowing operators to vent an explosion wherever they want to be allowed OEMs to position their equipment according to efficiency criteria rather than placing filters, hoppers, or bins close to a wall to vent the explosion to outsides but compromising with unnecessary pipe length.

„Guaranteeing both, a safe process and maximum business continuity are worth a few bucks more than just installing something and hoping for the best“ underlines Dr. Gerd Mayer, President of REMBE Inc.

Today REMBE also offers a complete range of rupture discs. Applications such as FPSOs or infrastructure critical Power Supply Stations like Transformers are protected by the German-engineered products named STAR or SFD, so-called forward acting rupture discs that are produced from noble alloys and with the REMBE typical passion and precision.

With office, Assembly, Warehouse, and Manufacturing Space of more than 1000 sqm and a total of 23,000 sqm Ground, REMBE Inc. has enough room for expansion over the next years.

Currently employing 17 Engineers and Workers the company is constantly exploring new fields of Business in North America whilst serving its existing Customer Base.

Located only 20 Minutes away from Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC, and with mobile Senior Consultants all over the continent, REMBE Inc. is ready to support its clients with on-site Consultancy and Engineering within hours. Spare parts are stocked in Fort Mill and same-day delivery now is just another Pro to protect equipment with REMBE Technology.

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