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Rail to Truck Transloading Services by Elcan Industries

Rail to Truck Transloading Services by Elcan Industries
26 Mar 2024  |
Elcan Industries excels in transloading services from rail to truck, ensuring seamless transfers between rail transport and final road delivery. Our facility, optimally located near major rail networks down in Gastonia, North Carolina, facilitates efficient, safe transfers of your goods, boosting your supply chain efficiency and cutting transportation costs.

Transloading services at Elcan allow for the smooth transition of goods between transport modes—like rail to truck—to optimize final delivery. This method is both cost-effective and flexible, reducing environmental impact. At Elcan, our proficiency in managing diverse commodities and our prime location ensure your goods are handled promptly and securely.

Choosing Elcan Industries means tapping into our over 35+ years of experience with large corporations, handling millions of pounds of materials through our Gastonia, North Carolina, facility each year. We’re adept at providing efficient transloading solutions tailored to companies’ specific needs, large or small. Our commitment to safety, compliance, and competitive pricing ensures high-quality service without a premium price tag.

Our process is straightforward and efficient. It begins with a thorough inspection of goods to match your specifications, followed by careful transloading using the latest equipment, and culminating in the final delivery with complete documentation and real-time tracking for your assurance.

For top-notch, efficient transloading services that cater to your logistics needs and help you achieve significant transportation cost savings, look no further than Elcan Industries. 

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