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The Ideal Solution not only for Masterbatch Crystallization and Drying

27 Aug 2019  |
At its exhibition stand in hall 9, stand A-55, at this year’s K-2019, KREYENBORG GmbH will show an IR- Batch 90/100-30.

Exactly like the continuously working infrared rotary drums made by this machine manufacturer in Senden, Germany, the discontinuously working IR-Batch ensures a very gentle, while very efficient treatment of the material. Whether the task is heating-up, crystallizing, drying or coating of plastics pellets, the IR-Batch is flexible and versatile. It is not only suitable for processing plastic materials but also chemical products and foodstuff.

The IR-Batch has become established worldwide in PET Masterbatch drying processes long since. This is due to its two key features: ideal process control and enormous flexibility. Drying of PET Masterbatch is only possible if the polymer crystallizes simultaneously because otherwise undesired pellets agglomerations could form. Therefore, the drum of the drying unit is equipped with incorporated mixing elements. Owing to a very precisely and individually adjustable temperature control, the pellets can be crystallized gently, while safely. The heat input by the infrared radiation is direct so that short process times of just 15 to 20 minutes are guaranteed.

On the one hand, the enormous flexibility of the IR-Batch is ensured by the individual adjustability of the process control to the material to be processed, so that not only PET Masterbatch, but also technical polymers like PEEK, PAI and PEI can be treated. On the other hand, easy accessibility and cleaning allow quick material changes; because precisely in processing of highly filled or modified polymers, cleaning of the processing unit is of major importance. The IR-Batch can be opened completely and the infrared module can be moved out of the rotary drum on an extraction unit. Due to its simple structure, the drum does not have any concealed or poorly accessible areas and is therefore very simple to clean by means of a suction device or compressed air. After cleaning, the system can be used again immediately without any pre-heating.

IR-Batch units are available with filling volumes in the range of 60 to 300 dm3, which cover a throughput range between 150 and 500 kg/h in processing times of 10 to 20 minutes. The IR-Batch 90/100-30 will be exhibited at K’2019, it will be equipped with a big sight glass for demonstration purposes. It has a diameter of 90 cm, a length of 100 cm and is suited for a filling quantity of 40 kg.

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