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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Flexible and Connected Solution for Belt Scale Weighing

9 Feb 2022  |
Belt scale weighing systems are essential to most bulk materials handling facilities, from food processing plants to cement manufacturing and mining sites.

The new Thermo Scientific Ramsey Flex electronic integration solution enables highly reliable, cost-effective, easy-to-use weighing with bespoke functionality. Ramsey Flex is the ‘brain’ of the belt scale and operator interface, enabling process management and control in the field, local control room, or remotely. It can be used for new belt scales or retrofit projects with Thermo Scientific belt scales or those of many other suppliers. It can also be used for single-conveyor projects or complex multi-scale systems.

“Thermo Scientific products are synonymous with highly reliable, accurate analytical measurement and control,” said Kyle D’Silva, director of marketing for production process and analytics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Ramsey Flex honors our heritage in high-performance weighing integrators, with a new design offering engineered simplicity and state-of-the-art functionality. Our process customers have asked for remote operation, control flexibility, affordability, ease of operation, and simplified maintenance. We are confident Ramsey Flex meets these needs and delivers real value for our customers.” 

Key features of Ramsey Flex include:

  • A large touch screen HMI, making it easy for operators to access information, switch between functions, and perform operations.
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity, including compatibility with MODBUS and PROFIBUS, for centralized control room operation or remote access.
  • Multiple options designed to improve cost efficiency in various applications, including the ability to share one integrator across two belt scales, or to use a blind integrator where HMI is not required.
  • Multi-language display for efficient training and support, including Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and others.

“Ramsey Flex is a modern, robust solution for today and well into the future,” added D’Silva. “It allows customers to adapt as their processes grow, and to seamlessly add additional scales into their connected networks.”

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