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VAC-U-MAX Celebrates 70-Year Anniversary as Industry Leader in Bulk Material Handling and Industrial Vacuum Cleaning (1954-2024)

VAC-U-MAX Celebrates 70-Year Anniversary as Industry Leader in Bulk Material Handling and Industrial Vacuum Cleaning (1954-2024)
10 Apr 2024  |
VAC-U-MAX, a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning systems, proudly announces its 70th anniversary. Since its founding in 1954 by Frank Pendleton, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing industries worldwide.

Maximizing Manufacturing Processes and Environment Health & Safety  

From its manufacturing headquarters in Belleville, New Jersey, VAC-U-MAX has continuously set the standard for excellence. In 1954, the company introduced the world’s first industrial vacuum cleaner powered entirely by compressed air, addressing the textile mills industry’s need for safe removal of highly combustible dust and lint. VAC-U-MAX expanded the product line to include systems for the safe evacuation of flammable liquids, such as jet fuel from the wing tanks of Boeing 747 aircraft. 

“We are incredibly proud of our 70-year journey,” said Doan Pendleton, President of VAC-U-MAX. “From our early innovations in industrial vacuum cleaning to our latest advancements in additive manufacturing and 3D printing, we have remained committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.”      

In 1965, VAC-U-MAX entered the pneumatic conveying business, introducing unique venturi vacuum producers to convey black powder for a US ordnance manufacturer. The company continued to innovate, introducing the tube hopper vacuum receiver for conveying sticky and cohesive materials that tend to bridge and rathole. Today, VAC-U-MAX has conveyed over 10,000 various dry bulk solids.

Entering the metalworking industry in the early 1970’s, VAC-U-MAX designed the TK-Series for high- volume liquid recovery. In 1985, the company began manufacturing continuous-duty and central vacuum cleaning systems for high volume recovery up to 5 tons per hour, of heavy materials including steel shot and cement. Expanding on this technology, VAC-U-MAX introduced the patented Bulk Bag (Super Sac) unloading station and the patented preconditioner.

In 2014, VAC-U-MAX revolutionized the additive manufacturing 3D printing industry with the introduction of the AM-MPRS (Additive Manufacturing Metal Powder Recovery System). This system utilizes advanced vacuum conveying technology to extract metal powder from the printing build box, and sieve it for reuse, significantly reducing processing time compared to traditional methods. 

VAC-U-MAX’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by its introduction of the first renewable-energy lithium-ion vacuum system for high volume debris recovery in indoor subway stations. The system has already collected over 4 million pounds of debris in its first year of operation. 

As VAC-U-MAX celebrates its 70th anniversary, the company looks forward to continuing its “Made in USA since 1954” tradition, focusing on innovations in bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning.

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