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Volkmann Idea Saves Space, Reduces Stoppages for Bag Changing

Volkmann Idea Saves Space, Reduces Stoppages for Bag Changing
20 Jan 2021  |
Process equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA, has unveiled the Twin Bulk Bag Unloader (BBU).

Developed to boost powder handling efficiency and save floor space, the Twin BBU integrates dual bulk bag unloading stations into a single unit that discharges into a single hopper. The novel Twin BBU enables both bags to be discharged simultaneously for fast emptying, or sequentially, to allow an empty bag to be removed and reloaded while the second bag is discharged without stopping the operation.

Ideal for loading powders, granules, pellets, and other dry materials into a pneumatic vacuum conveying system, the bulk bag emptying station features a single, centralized hoist to safely raise each bulk bag for emptying and dual, patent-pending dust-tight discharge chute connectors to safely contain the material flowing into the hopper and prevent release during bag changing. Once the hopper is loaded, the material may be discharged to multiple vacuum conveyors feeding different processing lines.

The Twin BBU is manufactured in a choice of heavy-duty, all-stainless steel or carbon steel with 316L stainless steel in product contact areas as standard. The modular and compact bulk bag station may be custom-configured to accommodate virtually any available space.

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