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We are Proud to Announce: The First-Ever Particle Transport and Storage Day

Particle Transport and Storage day 2022
15 Apr 2022  |
For the first time Delft Solids Solutions in close collaboration with partners among which: ESI Eurosilo, Innofour, TUDelft, AZO, Volkmann, will organize the Transport and Storage day on Tuesday June the 14th, 2022.

During the seminar we will offer a wide array of content, handling different themes associated with transport and storage of powders and granules. Offering overview lectures applicable to all industries ranging from food, feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics to chemicals.

The lectures will cover the following topics and more:

  • The necessity of solids transport and storage including logistics
  • Pneumatic transport in dilute and dense phase
  • Modeling particle transport
  • Prediction and testing of particle wear during pneumatic conveying
  • Powder flow and hopper design
  • Construction of hoppers and selection of wall material
  • Practical implementation of silos in industry-related storage
  • Caking during transport and storage of solid materials

In addition to the scheduled lectures, we will offer an interactive hands-on afternoon session, allowing all participants to work in teams on various case studies associated with the seminar’s topics. The outcome of these case studies will also be discussed plenary to conclude the seminar.

This seminar informs anyone working in the field of powder and particle handling, processing, formulation, drying, particle performance, and related unit operations, regardless of work experience and level of understanding. We aim to offer an interactive dynamic event with lively discussions and insights shared.

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