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ACMON Group, a Leading Supplier at Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023

16 Feb 2023  |
Acmon Group has been supporting the domestic market and awards institutions since 1992. The Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023 aim to highlight and reward excellence and #innovation in products, services, shops and factories related to #bakery and #pastry industry,

HONORED ACMON group with a Platinum Award in the category ‘’Supplier Pastry & Bakery’’ and a Gold Award in the ‘’Packaging & Palletizing’’ field. This is for the new fully automated bread line on a turn key basis along with sorting, picking and palletizing for trays with bread to the new logistics center provided to one of a leading bakery #factories in the country. This marks 2022 as another very successful year for the globally awarded firm and its awarded customer.

Acmon Systems, the mother company of Acmon Group, undertook the comprehensive automation of raw materials both in powder form (bulk, Big Bag or even 25kg bags) and in liquid (water, oil, syrup, yeast) ranging from the raw material reception and storage up to feeding the dough mixers with a capacity that exceeds 6000 kg of dough per hour at very high accuracies.
Acmon Data, having developed the Trace Pro software suite, for the control and execution of manufacturing processes (MES), provided high end solution for the digitization of production processes from BOM to inventory management. This includes but is not limited to tasks such as work orders, recipe management, downtime trucking, overall equipment effectiveness and business intelligent reporting.

The challenging task of conveying the entire ‘’ready to dispatch’’ production to the new logistics center has been undertaken from the expert company in end line production processes of the group, Icon systems. The firm provided automated sorting with the use of RFID tags from six production line to two dispatching lines, able to feed either the automated picking system or the robotic palletizer.

Receiving the PLATINUM Award in the Pastry & Bakery Suppliers category from the Chairman of the Jury, President of the Panhellenic Union of Food Technologists (P.E.T.E.T.), Mr. Ioannis Smarnakis, Mr. George Bougioukas, Plant Manager and Mr. George Moshakis Commercial Director at Acmon Group along with the management team of Icon systems stated:
“The recognition of the ACMON group’s significant contribution to the digital transformation solutions of the Greek Industry rewards our efforts to contribute to the creation of new and innovative solutions towards to the factory of the future with low energy footprint. This excellence and innovation award, as well as the additional gold award we received, reflect our long-standing commitment to quality, innovation and expertise ensuring the well-being of our customers and maximizing their return on investment in the long run. Our goal is to continuously strengthen our positive footprint in Greek society as a good corporate citizen by creating an ecologically conscious value chain through innovative technologies, solutions, and services)”.

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