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ATEX Dosing and Bag Filling System with In-Line Magnet Frame

ATEX Dosing and Bag Filling System with In-Line Magnet Frame
18 May 2020  |
Vraykos & Associates Mechanical Limited has introduced an ATEX© Dosing and Bag Filling System with In-Line Magnet Frame, designed and manufactured in Greece.

The system consists of a high capacity dosing system (twin screw conveyor for high accuracy), a bag filling & weighing system, and an in-line magnetic system.

High capacity dosing: twin screw conveyor for high accuracy

  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Fast and dribble flow for both a high product throughput and accurate dosing
  • Retractable screw shaft and fast removal of screw conveyor internals, for easy cleaning
  • ATEX Zone 22 certified: safety at the highest standards
  • Semicircular ends for the screw wings
  • Seamless shell with a mirror-polished internal surface
  • Finest treatment of the outer surface with glass-blasting

Bag filling & weighing system

  • Adjustable frame
  • Inflatable bag clamp for different bag sizes
  • Spare frame adaptor for small bags and containers
  • ATEX-certified high accuracy Load Cells and Junction boxes

Magnet system

  • Stainless Steel frame and magnets
  • Mirror-polished
  • Magnetic bars 11000 Gauss each.
  • Retractable magnets for fast removal and easy cleaning

Processed materials

Bakery Powders (Flour, emulsifiers, powder sugar, etc.)

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