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GKM Tumbler Screening Machine for Highest Demands in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry 

GKM Tumbler screening Machine for highest demands in the pharmaceutical and food industry
11 Apr 2024  |
This high-end GKM tumbler screening machine has been specially designed and adapted to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. The production of the customer-made requirements meets the highest hygiene standards of FDA, EG and EHEDG. 

In order to fit the limited space, we manufactured this double-capacity machine. The idea is to split the product into several decks to ensure very high throughput in a small footprint. A drainable design ensures an ideal internal and external high level cleaning process. The machine has an external as well as internal high-grade stainless steel design. The high-quality surface finish is polished and extrapolated to prevent product build-up to meet highest customer requirements.

The contamination-free ULTRA-VARIO-SONIC screen cleaning system provides a much more efficient screening action for the ultra-fine cut points. With the GKM tumbler screener in combination with an ultrasonic cleaning even the finest cut point down to 20 microns can be realized. As a result of the cleaning method, the throughput is significantly increased on the same surface area. The patented fully pneumatic Twin System for deck lifting and clamping combined with quick-release clamps, allows easy, fast and safe screen frame changes within minutes. This eliminates long setup and changeover times. 

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