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Pressure-Resistant GKM Screening Machine KTS-VP2 600

Pressure-Resistant GKM Screening Machine KTS-VP2 600
2 Jul 2024  |
The majority of raw materials from various industries exist in the form of powder or granules, which are generally stored in transport or storage silos.

As raw materials can contain impurities, agglomerates, or tramp material, the unfortunate consequence is that they can find their way into the process flow, resulting in a loss of production due to machine and system emptying and cleaning. This can lead to product rejection or recalls when impurities reach the end product. Using check sifters/sieves is an effective way to monitor powders and prevent these issues.

Since the typical transfer of raw materials between silos or the loading and unloading of trucks is done through pneumatic conveying, this can create overpressure in the system, making a gravity screening machine unsuitable for this purpose. To ensure smooth conveying, GKM Siebtechnik has developed the pressure-resistant screening machine KTS-VP2 600. This high-performance inline screener/sieve can achieve a throughput of up to 25 tons per hour, ensuring product quality without compromising efficiency and safety.

Equipment details:

The KTS-VP2 600 features a robust design and is powered by two opposing vibrating motors. To meet strict food hygiene standards, the product contact parts are made of stainless steel, making it ideal for use in the food industry. The KTS-VP2 600 includes a sieve chamber inspection panel and pressure gauge in the lid for detailed monitoring and inspection during the pneumatic conveying process.

Key advantages:

  • Suitable for suction and pressure conveying systems
  • Air/gas-tight design compliant with delivery pressure (-0.5 to 2 bar) Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Effectively removes foreign bodies, impurities, and lumps/agglomerates from the product
  • Hinged cover and gas spring for quick and easy access, cleaning, screen changes, and maintenance
  • Ready for immediate use/Plug & play

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