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AIRCHOC Air Cannons Solution for Silo Cleaning

19 Mar 2024  |
The plastics manufacturer SUMIKA wanted to simplify and secure its silo cleaning system. During product changeover in the silo containing polymer granules, an operator climbs to the upper end of the silo using a crinoline ladder, in order to perform a blowing operation on the dust accumulations that have occurred inside the silo. This is a dangerous and dirty operation. The plant manager decided to eliminate this step by installing an automatic silo cleaning system.

3 AIRCHOC air cannons with 9 liters tanks, blowpipes and control panel were installed on the silo of polymer granules, so it no longer needs to be cleaned and no maintenance is required.

AIRCHOC® air cannon benefits

Over the years, many industries have successfully replaced manual cleaning with this patented method: the AIRCHOC®

Manual cleaning (long rods poking, compressed air tools, air lances, hi-pressure water spray…) requires qualified personnel and high levels of supervision and can involve a loss of production (necessary to shut down the process of production for some operation). This type of human intervention is both difficult and DANGEROUS and can cause serious or even fatal accidents.

In addition, to the undoubted efficiency of the AIRCHOC®, we can list the following advantages:

  • Ensures the AUTOMATIC and EFFECTIVE declogging of the structure without interrupting the production process.
  • Eliminates the risk of feeding restrictions, blockages and production downtime proportionally to the installed equipment.
  • Safety of the principle.
  • Ensures a fast return on investment.

The AIRCHOC® air cannon can be applied to various locations in a process, any time clogging or build-ups appear. Let’s see examples of air cannons applications :

  • In the batch house where raw materials are mixed, AIRCHOC® air cannons can be installed in bulk material silos.
  • Specific silos or hoppers containing cutlets can also be equipped with the AIRCHOC® declogging devices in order to help material flow.
  • Other unexpected location where AIRCHOC® can be used is the smoke treatment plant and smoke evacuation, where treated gas can clog and an easy way to get rid of the soft build ups is to blow air on a regular bases. This regular planned air blasting removes the dust and avoid formation of harder build-ups which could lead to total blockage. This is a smart soft easy and preventive solution against the worst.
  • In the Furnace, you will find them on the hopper, feed chute and furnace arches.

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