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More Efficient Feeding with Flat-Tray Feeders

More Efficient Feeding with Flat-Tray Feeders
28 Feb 2023  |
For poorly flowing materials and for maximum utilisation of the material to be fed, Three-Tec offers feeders with flat-trays. The flat-tray feeders convince with up to ten times less residual quantity remaining in the hopper.

Three-Tec’s flat-tray feeders guarantee precise volumetric and gravimetric feeding of good to poor-flowing, moist or bridging products with flowabilities of ffc 1-5. We often use flat-tray feeders, especially for projects in the pharmaceutical and food industries, because they often work with poor-flowing powders, have high cleaning requirements, and only a minimum of material should remain in the hopper.

In tests in our internal test laboratory with poorly flowing micronized paracetamol, for example, the residual quantity in a normal hopper was 540 g, whereas in a device with a flat-tray with the same product and the same hopper volume and base, it was only 48 g. Thanks to the flat-tray, around ten times less material remained in the hopper. This difference is particularly decisive for feeding applications with expensive active ingredients.

Other features of flat-tray feeders:

  • precise feeding even with complex product behavior
  • extension with scale and control possible at any time
  • easily exchangeable feeding tools
  • various feeding tools such as solid-blade, concave or spiral screws facilitate adaptation to the product to be fed
  • very easy to clean
  • stable feeding thanks to gentle transport of the bulk material
  • feeding screws easy to replace thanks to bayonet fasteners
  • tray scrapers can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
  • very uniform feeding thanks to wide-open screw channel and constant filling through bottom scraper

For free-flowing products such as granules or free-flowing powders such as sugar or semolina, our feeders with standard hoppers can also be used.

Are you unsure which hopper is suitable for your dosing application? In the know-how section on our website you will find an overview of the different hoppers and their suitability for the nature of the product to be fed. We would also be happy to provide you with further information in person. We look forward to hearing from you!

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