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Measuring Solid Volumes Conveyed Through Pipelines

1 Jul 2020  |
SolidFlow 2.0 has been specially developed for measuring solid volumes conveyed through pipelines.

SolidFlow 2.0:

  • Active roping compensation for highest reliability      
  • Can be used in free fall and in pneumatics     
  • Simple retrofitting using a welding socket     
  • No installations in the material stream     
  • Almost all types of dust, powder and granules can be measured    
  • Throughput measuring up to 20 t/h     
  • ATEX-certified

SolidFlow 2.0 has been specially developed for measuring solid volumes conveyed through pipelines.

It is used for online measuring:

  • all types of dust, powder, granulates, etc.
  • with particle sizes between 1 µm and 10 mm
  • which are conveyed pneumatically • or in free fall after mechanical conveyor systems

SolidFlow 2.0 is extremely easy to install and has a wear-resistant design.

The SolidFlow 2.0-sensor uses the latest microwave technology. The sensor is used exclusively in metal pipelines. The special integration of microwave technology creates the measurement field together with the metal pipeline. The microwave radiation in the pipeline is reflected by the solid particles and received by the sensor. The frequency and amplitude of the received signals are analysed.

The sensor works like a particle counter, counting the quantity of flowing particles per unit of time. The frequency-selected evaluation system ensures that only flowing particles are measured while deposits are suppressed. 

SolidFlow 2.0 features active stratification compensation which compensates measurement errors caused by stratification, in particular while materials are being pneumatically conveyed.

Based on new processing technology, the measurement signal is converted into its frequency spectrum which is used to detect the material‘s flow pattern. The sensor will be calibrated under process conditions. For the calibration the sensor raw values will be compare with a reference.

The illustrations show two frequency spectra for different flow conditions with similar mass flows. A software algorithm ensures that the measuring result is correct even with different flow conditions.

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