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BEUMER Group Discovers ScrapeTec Innovations

BEUMER Group Discovers ScrapeTec Innovations
14 Jan 2022  |
We at ScrapeTec in Kamp-Lintfort, were all delighted to have been invited by the BEUMER Group to present our products and solutions.

On December 1st at BEUMER HQ in Beckum, globally recognized conveyor system manufacturer was able to set up its own booth, and present Scrape Tec’s sustainable solutions for all aspects of the transfer point to everyone from engineering, sales and service at the BEUMER Group.

The inventor, and ScrapeTec founder Wilfried Dünnwald, head of sales Thorsten Koth and the technical employee Alexander Born were available the entire day for all questions relating to the products.

The invitation to this presentation had a credible background:

AirScrape, and its manufacturer, ScrapeTec became known through a Knauf Group project in Russia. The customer was familiar with the method and, more importantly, the result of the new AirScrape conveyor skirting from other Knauf plants. AirScrape is the world first “active” chute sealing device.

They have insisted on integrating this skirting into system expansion for which the BEUMER Group was responsible for. The project managers at BEUMER were convinced of the sustainable effectiveness, but more so, envisaged further potential for the innovative sustainable products from ScrapeTec.

Why the topic of sustainability connects both companies?

ScrapeTec Trading GmbH, with its innovative solutions for all things around conveyor belt transfer points system, made an important contribution to sustainability with their focus on AirScrape.

The contactless chute seal skirting, avoids the generation of dust and material spills avoiding excessive cleaning, but also reducing the maintenance costs to almost zero. The well-known wear and tear, as well as the abrasion on conveyor belts are a thing of the past.

At the BEUMER Group, sustainability is one of the company’s own core values ​​- the aim is to find the perfect balance between ecology, economy and social responsibility offering innovative solutions to their customers. BEUMER Group employees are familiar with this:

The products are rated according to the point system geared towards sustainability – the BEUMER Sustainability Index. In conveyor belt industry, the AirScrape conveyor skirting, the TailScrape rear seal and other innovations relating to the transfer point meet these requirements.

The future can come

It remains to be seen how the integration of sustainable ScrapeTec products in BEUMER concepts for conveyor systems will develop. It will be important to carry out the economic debate over the first few years of operation. It is because of long-term cost savings compared to higher acquisition cost; customers’ decision making is much easier.

Needless to say, that ScrapeTec is proud to have gained importance in a company such as BEUMER Group.

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