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Non-stop Clean Innovation

Non-stop Clean Innovation
12 Jul 2022  |
With the innovative AirScrape side seal, spills and dust at transfer points in conveyor systems and belt damage are a thing of the past.

In the minerals and mining industry, contamination of conveyor systems and dust generation during operation is a well-known problem. Conventional side seals at belt transfer points can help here, but even friction forces quickly wear them out; they lose their effect and also damage the belt of the conveyor during long-term use. This in turn increases the costs for maintenance or replacement. The AirScrape from ScrapeTec Trading Ltd. is quite different. It represents one of the rare innovations in this industrial sector, is virtually maintenance-free, increases the service life of conveyor belts and permanently saves cleaning efforts. Beyond the chute and conveyor belt, the AirScrape ensures more cleanliness.

AirScrape. The operating principle is in the name.

If you see the AirScrape side seal in use, you can quickly see the minimum distance between the individually adjustable sealing lip and the belt. Critical observers immediately suspect a permeability for material and dust. But this is exactly where the AirScrape’s operating principle and thus its uniqueness lies. An intelligent lamella structure on the underside of the 2 m long sealing unit ensures that thanks to the Venturi concept, a vacuum is created in the conveyor area on the belt. Nothing can escape through the millimeter-thick gap because the negative pressure allows air to flow in. This makes the AirScrape the first side seal that works without contact to the belt.

Standard: Longevity and investment security

The AirScrape consists mainly of polyurethane, an antistatic and flame-retardant material. Due to its special resistance, the AirScrape is theoretically maintenance-free. It can be used permanently without maintenance. Exceptional mechanical influences caused by the conveyed material can of course also affect the AirScrape. But in principle, the investment is secured by the design. As far as costs of the AirScrape are concerned, these are higher than for conventional side seals. However, considering the Total Costs of Ownership, the system pays for itself very quickly. Because the protection against soiling of the conveyor systems and wear of the belts will save considerable costs and also resources such as cleaning personnel. The AirScrape also effortlessly meets the requirements of health and safety guidelines at work by greatly reducing dust generation and contamination.

The advantages of the AirScrape side seal at a glance

In the end, everything that is omitted by using the AirScrape saves costs:

  • No contact friction during use, no wear on the AirScrape or belt
  • No need for maintenance and service
  • No dust and no spillage
  • No cleaning
  • Savings in driving energy for the belt

DustScrape as an added value to AirScrape

The AirScrape can be extended with the DustScrape in production areas with particularly strong dust generation. Support arches can easily be mounted to an existing AirScrape installation. A close-meshed, antistatic and resistant plastic fabric is then applied to it, retaining the dust in the belt area. This reduces the risk of deflagration and damage to the respiratory tract extremely. In the future, DustScrape will also be available with an alternative stainless-steel mesh, which offers a further safety advantage due to its non-flammability.

ScrapeTec, the think tank

AirScrape is another innovation of the developer Wilfried Dünnwald, who is always on the lookout for new solutions for problems in stripping technology and conveyor systems. His expertise was shaped by mining studies and 25 years of professional experience underground as a machine business unit manager. In addition, he has a special passion for the stone and earth industry. His company ScrapeTec develops innovations and holds patent rights. The distribution of the AirScrape and the DustScrape, as well the TailScrape in the near future, lies with ScrapeTec Trading Ltd. and is thus in the hands of the developer, as the managing partner of the company. Further products are being planned.

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