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C-Conveyor Ideal When Adding Additional Process Step

C-Conveyor Ideal When Adding Additional Process Step
31 May 2024  |
There is often a desire to add another process step in existing situations. One can think of adding:
  • a thermal process
  • a colour sorter
  • a NIR sorter
  • a metal detector
  • an extra sieving step

When there is not enough height available, this extra step has to be provided next to it, and thus the product has to be transported upwards again.

The Z-Conveyor in C version is ideal for this. The application range is very wide, from fine powder products such as graphite, carbon black, to coffee beans that need to be transported break free. A test stand is available for testing this wide range of products. Even duration tests are possible.

Many powder conveying systems are based on speeds higher than 1 m/s.

In many cases, this means that additional Atex provisions must be made. This is not necessary with the Z and C-Conveyor. The conveyor runs at a speed smaller than 0.5 m/s and is certified for internal ATEX application.

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