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Conveyors for Bulk Products Adapted to the Customer's Project

26 Nov 2021  |
At Sinfimasa we design and manufacture conveyors for bulk products adapted to the customer's project, and we are specialists in robust and reliable equipment for the aggregates and minerals sector, corrosive and explosive products with ATEX certification.

In this example, we present a screw conveyor for transporting calcium carbonate in troughs. Our export customer asked us to design and manufacture a screw in a single unit capable of moving 200 m3/h of this mineral. We proposed this conveyor with a length of 16 metres, a width of 850 mm and a 55 Kw SEW motor and SKF bearings, a filling capacity of 32% and a rotation speed of 39 revolutions per minute.

Its body and the screw are made of wear-resistant carbon steel with sufficient thickness for long life and minimal maintenance costs. The helix is joined to the core by continuous welding.  

In the video we see the moment of the screw rolling test. All our conveyors are quality-tested, CE-certified and have the user and maintenance documentation in the language of the country of destination. It has been manufactured in 7 weeks from the approval by the customer of the final drawing of our engineers and is transported by container to the port of Barcelona.

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