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Floveyor Launches Tubular Drag Conveyor Distribution System

Floveyor Launches Tubular Drag Conveyor Distribution System
24 May 2024  |
Floveyor has launched their latest evolution in powder handling, the Tubular Drag Conveyor (TDC) Distribution System. It’s designed for bulk powder handling for complex routes and multiple discharge points like those often found in packaging systems. The TDC Distribution System is a natural choice for industries like food and beverage, chemical processing, manufacturing, and critical minerals.

The TDC is designed for any industry that needs safe, reliable, and gentle handling of powders, granules, seeds, pellets, flakes, grains, beads, mixes, and blends. Like their aero-mechanical conveyor (AMC), Floveyor’s drag conveyors use a fully enclosed system to deliver a stringent level of cleanliness and safety.

Floveyor Managing Director Rhys Walker said the TDC development has been guided by the market.

“Our customers have been asking for help with complex routes and multiple planes. While high throughputs are a hallmark of Floveyor machinery, there are times when slowing things down is essential,” Rhys said.

“We’re confident our TDC technology is going to solve those challenges for hundreds, if not thousands, of our customers who have come to expect safe, reliable and clean powder handling with Floveyor conveyors and process line technology.”

Floveyor TDC increases yield and maintains product quality

The molded polymer rope assembly used in the TDC is what sets Floveyor apart from every other drag conveyor on the market. Unlike chains, cables, or wires used in most drag conveyors, there are no contamination risks from chain-on-chain wear or fraying wires with the Floveyor TDC. This enhances performance by minimizing wire stretch, improves cleanliness, and increases operating hours.

Other advantages for manufacturers include:

  • Low breakage and material wastage, even for fragile materials
  • Maintains batch and blend integrity for recipes and mixes
  • Total batch transfers

Why use a Floveyor Tubular Drag Conveyor?

Our customers use the TDC for challenging materials in near-horizontal applications. Floveyor distribution systems can function as process line technology for Floveyor’s Aero-Mechanical Conveyor with FloDisc®. The TDC can also work independently to accommodate plant configurations in need of additional functionality like conveying across multiple planes at slow speed to handle multiple outlets.

  • Operates in two directions using bi-directional rope installation
  • Available in straight-line and horizontal configurations
  • Starts and stops under load
  • Excellent for materials that may suffer from cohesiveness and agglomeration
  • Extremely robust, easily handles abrasive and explosive materials

What is the Floveyor TDC Radius?

The TDC Radius is designed for plants that require complex multi-plane, multi-outlet conveying of fine, non-smearing powders and granules. It can convey materials over long distances – up to 75 metres – and around bends and corners. The TDC Radius can also handle vertical elevations. Demand for the TDC Radius is common in applications like food and beverage, animal nutrition, pet foods and building materials.

Optimize your plant with Floveyor TDC Distribution System

Like Floveyor’s AMC, the TDC is designed and engineered for a high degree of reliability and availability in your plant. Safety and cleanliness are at the forefront of all Floveyor machinery.

  • Enclosed system reduces dust and improves worker safety
  • Complies with food-safe standards, including EHEDG standards and guidelines
  • Suited for potentially explosive applications – ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Ease of cleaning increases availability
  • Energy efficiency reduces operating costs
  • Flexible layouts are suitable for existing and new plant configurations
  • Low noise emissions for quiet operation
  • Lower maintenance costs reduce operating costs

As powder handling specialists, Floveyor provides conveying machinery and process line equipment to ensure your plant is operating at peak efficiency and safety. With the TDC Distribution System, Floveyor is meeting the demands for manufacturers challenged with complex routes and multiple plane conveying.

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