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The Floveyor is the original aero-mechanical conveyor, invented by our family-owned business back in 1960.

Since then, we’ve driven its evolution, pioneering our industry’s benchmark product suite and establishing ourselves as the world’s aero-mechanical conveying specialists.

Learn about the holistic engineering ethos that makes our solutions so adaptable, efficient and cost-effective. Explore our range of products, or find out about our plant engineering and custom engineering expertise.

Floveyor Aero-mechanical specialists, setting the benchmark

The latest generation of Floveyors has taken aero-mechanical conveying to a new level, unrivalled in terms of efficiency and dependability. This, combined with our portfolio of ancillary products andscrewfeeders , maintains our position as the world’s leading authority on aero-mechanical conveyors.

From design and supply to servicing and consulting, our team of specialist aeromechanical conveying engineers:

  • Pioneer research and development of aero-mechanical technologies
  • Scope, design, install and commission complete aero-mechanical solutions
  • Offer product materials testing, advice and recommendations
  • Develop custom engineering solutions for unique conveying requirements
  • Design and engineer entire plant-wide solutions, for existing and greenfield plants
  • Provide comprehensive after-sales service and support worldwide
  • Supply components and parts for all of our machines, products and accessories
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