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No More Risk During Conveyor Maintenence Operation

10 Apr 2020  |
R BRUNONE launches the new SPARCRIC G

Replacing rollers on a conveyor belt is a classic maintenance operation that is run regularly throughout the year. This operation usually involves two operators and is often difficult to achieve. Operators use tools that are not suitable for this type of operation such as bars, forklifts or hoists.

On the plant, each roller replacement will increase:

– Risk of injuries (sliding bar, falling rollers, lumbago,.).
– Loss of productivity due to the maintenance shutdown and the difficulty of roller replacement.
– The stress of maintenance operators or subcontractors: they have to work quickly in difficult conditions.

Then R.BRUNONE has developed a new and unique solution to replace the rollers on a conveyor belt: SPARCRIC G.
The maintenance device has been designed specifically to replace rollers and can be installed on any conveyor.

Sparcric will change the working conditions :


The roller replacement operation can now be carried out by only one operator and safely. The operator simply handles a hand pump to operate the tool lifting the conveyor belt. Once installed Sparcric both hands are completely free, allowing the rollers replacement safely.


The SPARCRIC G will reduce the average maintenance operations by 50 %. In fact, it allows to replace the rollers from one station in one step. In addition, lifting the conveyor belt will be easier. Then the operators’ recovery time between each lift decreases. Finally the accumulated fatigue during this type of maintenance will appear later than with an operation carried out with inadapted tools. This reduces the risk of an incident or injury.


The SPARCRIC G is easy to transport and handle. The reduced weight and its transport handles make it easy to install and operate. Working with SPARCRIC is simple and intuitive.

This patented innovation is the result of 25 years of experience and the development of innovative solutions in the Bulk Handling industry in close collaboration with customers. The R.BRUNONE goal is always to improve the safety and performance in Bulk Handling in mines and quarries. But also in ports and industries such as steel, paper mills or power plants. SPARCRIC G is a CE certified handling solution and a lifting tool now available worldwide through the R. Brunone commercial network.

R.BRUNONE solutions can be installed on new or existing plants worldwide.

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