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Tight Space Conveyor

Tight Space Conveyor
28 May 2021  |
A high-capacity corn processing plant approached a Sweet Manufacturing authorized dealer, looking for a Low Profile Conveyor that could fit underneath a bin floor with a low clearance level of 12.75” + slide gates.

They were looking for a product that could easily handle 6,000 BPH of corn with low maintenance requirements.

Given the current product offering in the marketplace, too many manufacturers offer light-duty solutions with no regard to longevity or reliability that could meet the needs of our clients’ high expectations. Aside from the dimensional features needed for their project, they were also looking for a conveyor that would rest underneath half of the bin floor, then curve up 15° immediately after exiting the bin and discharge into another conveyor, all while allowing chain tensioning to be performed outside of the bin.

Since the introduction of Low Profile Conveyors in the agricultural industry, many have come to appreciate its’ compact ability along with the wide variety of applications. Here at Sweet Manufacturing, we decided to give the industry standard of a Low Profile Conveyor a major upgrade! Our new Low Profile Flite-Veyor® was designed to meet the growing demand for a high-quality LPC that doesn’t cut corners like many others in the marketplace. With this in mind, we developed our new Low Profile Flite-Veyor®, created as a reliable solution for our customers that will last for decades to come!

The Low Profile Flite-Veyor® exceeded our customers’ high expectations by providing the features they so desperately needed! We outfitted our client with the solution pictured below.

Built to Perform: Perhaps the main feature is a 15° curve that allows the conveyor to lay horizontally underneath a bin floor and then curve up to discharge into another piece of equipment. Outfitted with a curved tail, fixed shaft, and UHMW lip seals on the shafts at the head & tail, this small conveyor is designed for installation in tough to reach places. Already seen in applications besides grain bin unloading, this is a versatile conveyor that can handle almost anything you throw in it!

Built to Fit: Made from the same materials as our 17 series conveyors from Sweet but with a design to fit underneath short bin floors, the 12 series can fit in more places and deliver the performance you require year-round!

Built to Last: Equipped with a standard 3/16” AR 200 bottom and 10GA AR 200 side liners. Our Low Profile Flite-Veyor® features a galvanized steel body, angle returns, and head take-up enabling easy adjustments outside of the bin. Our Low Profile Flite-Veyor® gives you a lower height conveyor with no reduction in performance. You can depend on the 12 series conveyor to perform for the long term while delivering nothing but quality. Pintle chain – standard. A steel pintle chain is often seen in action in tough environments such as fertilizer applications and bunk feeders. The open barrel design of the pintle chain makes for a chain that resists “freezing” from rust for a longer period.

  • Outside chain adjustment and fixed tail with curve cleanout.
  • Not a double-pan conveyor.
  • Low-cost solution to gain elevation.
  • Tail sits in the middle of the bin floor.

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