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Flexible High Containment Mixing/Blending Solution

Flexible High Containment Mixing/Blending Solution
3 Dec 2021  |
Mixing of powder is a core task for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic processing industries. Dec’s unique and revolutionary mixing technology, PTS Batchmixer ® - allows to swiftly mix powders with different characteristics to a very high blend homogeneity while reducing overall process time compared to traditional blenders.

PTS Batchmixer® based on PTS technology

Dec’s PTS is a highly effective method for transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules in a safe and contained manner. Its unique filtration concept with a flat filter membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system currently available that functions at optimum levels for each cycle, differentiating it from the run-of-the-mill systems on the market. The PTS technology drives the automated PTS Batchmixer® blending system for fully contained homogeneous powder blending. 

Unique features and options:

  • Systems from 2 to 6000 liters allowing to vary product volumes from 10 – 100 %
  • Highly efficient, gentle mixing with reduced mixing times
  • Automatic extraction of powder from different containers (drums, bags, silos or process equipment) 
  • Easy integration into production lines
  • Full discharge by gravity or automatic transfer to the next process step
  • Minimal agglomeration
  • No moving or rotating parts, minimal maintenance and full clean in place (CIP/SIP)
  • Automatic sampling procedures
  • cGMP/ATEX compliant

In addition to blending, Dec’s PTS technology encompasses a broad range of applications, standard and high containment filling & discharging of various containers, small quantity dosing, single and multiple reactor charging, bulk materials conveying and aseptic solutions. 

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