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GEMCO’s Revolutionary Slant Cone Mixer

GEMCO’s Revolutionary Slant Cone Mixer
12 Apr 2024  |
GEMCO’s Slant Cone Mixer is a revolutionary, patented shell design that facilitates the movement and mixing of the entire layer of material with each rotation.

Its innovative asymmetric design enables the powder to undergo eight revolutions per rotation, making it the only mixer capable of achieving the lowest standard deviations without internal baffles, plows, or scrapers. The flow is not haphazard but scientific and patterned, resulting in consistent and repeatable results.

High particle mobility, plus the intermeshing action of materials, results in a blend time reduction of up to 33 percent less than other designs.

The Slant Cone has the following characteristics:

  • No sensitivity to loading sequences
  • Lower required head room clearance
  • Faster mixing
  • Dual automatic loading/discharging port options
  • Largest mixing zone
  • Greatest range of batch sizes

The mixing action allows for more flexibility because it moves powder more efficiently. Operators don’t have to adhere to strict procedures to make this blender work; the shape makes up for operator differences in procedures.

Each GEMCO machine is tailored to customer specifications for their application. GEMCO mixers handle a variety of materials, material densities, and batch sizes and are easily adaptable to our drum-loading material handling systems. With installations in various industries, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, ceramic, general chemical, and powdered metals, GEMCO’s Slant Cone mixers are some of the most versatile batch process blenders available.

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