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Introducing VRAYKOS’ cutting-edge Powder Mixer Series AMK

Introducing VRAYKOS’ cutting-edge Powder Mixer Series AMK
31 Jan 2024  |
A pinnacle of engineering excellence designed for quick batch mixing, highly homogeneous blending, and rapid discharge.

VRAYKOS has proudly standardized a range of powder mixers  in various capacities from 30 lt (Lab Type) up to 2.000 lt, that not only meet the most stringent hygiene standards but also cater to the demands of the most challenging applications in the Food Industry. The state-of-the-art industrial batching systems, featuring both paddle and screw mixers, are meticulously crafted in Greece to ensure efficient and uniform blending, guaranteeing top-tier product quality. 

One standout feature of the powder mixer is their “Hygienic Design”, characterized by high-quality surface-mirror polishing and FDA-certified materials in direct contact with the product. With airtight door sealing aided by a silicone gasket, rounded edges in the access door gasket, and waterproof construction for internal cleaning, the VRAYKOS mixer is remarkably easy to clean, with no dead zones in the product area. The upward-opening doors with two gas springs, interlock limit switches at all access doors, pneumatic flushing of the shaft housing, liquid injection system and choppers for better homogenisation all contribute to our mixers’ efficiency and safety.

The Powder Mixer also boasts features such as extremely high mixing quality, short mixing times, reproducibility of batches, and a customizable design tailored to your specific application and product needs. Experience its benefits, including high availability, low maintenance requirements, and a mixer concept that ensures consistency in every batch. Elevate your production facility with VRAYKOS’ Powder Mixer – where innovation meets reliability, setting new standards in the world of industrial blending.

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