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Gericke Mixers are Now Even More Energy-Efficient!

Gericke Mixers are Now Even More Energy-Efficient!
25 Aug 2022  |
Saving energy is a key pillar of a sustainable production environment. With the introduction of highly efficient IoT drives for its GMS batch mixers, Gericke supports their customers in achieving their ambitious goals.

The proven GMS mixers are now combined with a highly energy-saving workhorse: a new, very efficient drive, based on a permanent magnet motor. In these motors, the magnetic field is on one side created by a permanent magnet, which offers several key advantages.

Strong and efficient

The delivered torque is constant over the entire speed range, which makes these motors ideal for batch mixers that start and stop frequently.

Since the magnetic field only needs to be built up on one side, the efficiency of the motors is significantly higher than that of asynchronous motors. The international energy rating for such a motor is “ultra premium efficiency” (IE5). In addition to the higher rating, the high torque that can be delivered also indirectly reduces energy consumption, as the motor does not have to be oversized for the start-up.

Compact and quiet

Space limitations are often seen in a production plant, especially when an existing installation needs to be updated. The new drives allow for a much more compact design, which becomes an advantage when planning building layout.

Noise emission can be a very annoying factor, even in production environments. The new motors are significantly quieter due to the flattened peak current, especially during start-up, where it does not emit any annoying whistling sounds

Easy integration 

The intelligent frequency inverter allows direct installation and integration into the PLC with a fieldbus interface, avoiding numerous installation and commissioning times. The frequency inverter records the data accurately, which enables precise diagnosis and is entirely in line with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things standards.

Due to these numerous advantages, the GMS mixers are now equipped with these motors as standard on all larger mixers.

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