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Emptying Big Bags Without Mixing Products in the Food Industry

Emptying Big Bags Without Mixing Products in the Food Industry
17 May 2024  |
Especially in the food industry, requirements for complete emptying or mixing-free production are very high. This is guaranteed by the solids Big Bag emptying station by HOSOKAWA Solids Solutions GmbH located in Landsberg am Lech.

Customers with projects in the food industry are faced with the challenge to empty powdery to granular bulk goods out of big bags. Different bulk goods will be delivered in bags. The main task is to empty the bulk materials with a wide range of product and flow properties in a metered manner, without cross-contamination when changing products. This is an important requirement to ensure the quality of the subsequent processes and the end product.

The big bags are made available via an integrated crane system, after which the outlet hose is connected in a dust-tight manner to the docking unit of the emptying station. By quickly changing the molded parts at the docking unit, containers with different dimensions can be emptied. Any dust generated when changing the big bag or during the emptying process is sucked out using an aspiration system so that there is no burden on the operating personnel or the surrounding area.

To ensure easy cleaning after product changes, the components in contact with the product are easily accessible and easy to dismantle. The solids rotary valve with an extendable rotary wheel is an advantage here.

To ensure that the project will be handled efficiently, the entire responsibility from planning, production, delivery, commissioning with operator training up to the final handover of the system lies in one hand. Future service and maintenance tasks can also be carried out by HOSOKAWA Solids Solutions GmbH – the supplier of the entire system. Since the entire delivery and service program comes from a single source, problem-free project execution can be ensured.

Investing in a solids big bag emptying station, which is available in different sizes, offers the customer many advantages. While cleaning time is reduced, system availability can be increased with improved product quality. Thanks to a sophisticated system concept, operational safety is increased, clean, dust-free operation is ensured and the requirements of ATEX 2014/34/EU are successfully implemented.

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