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Revolutionizing Food and Nutraceutical Industry Operations with Rotovalve Light

Revolutionizing Food and Nutraceutical Industry Operations with Rotovalve Light
5 Sep 2023  |
In the rapidly evolving and competitive landscape of the food and nutraceutical industry, maintaining peak efficiency, impeccable cleanliness, and stringent quality control measures is non-negotiable.

This case study unveils the remarkable journey undertaken by three pioneering companies within this sector, who triumphed over these challenges by making a strategic shift from their outdated  gate valves to our innovative Rotovalve Light, a cornerstone of our Modular System.

In the heart of Congo, a prominent processor of enzyme powders sourced from Papaya and Pineapple trees, together with two other companies specializing in cheese powder and rice crispies, were grappling with a common adversary – their outdated non-sanitary gate valves. These relics of the past posed an array of issues, ranging from dirt and debris accumulation to frequent operational breakdowns, resulting in costly interruptions. Furthermore, their bulky nature only exacerbated these problems. These obstacles were not only impeding efficiency but also challenging their commitment to cleanliness and quality control. Recognizing the imperative need for a state-of-the-art solution, they embarked on a journey to test and eventually embrace the Rotovalve Light.

Rotovalve Light, an integral component of the Modular System, presented the perfect solution to the challenges faced by these forward-thinking companies. This valve boasts a spectrum of exceptional features, each contributing to the revolutionization of their operations. The Modular System, comprising composable elements adaptable for diverse applications – from feeding to interception, dosing, and fine dosing – delivered the versatility they needed


  1. Ultra-lightweight: Rotovalve Light is astoundingly light, weighing a mere 5 kg (DN 80) and 18 kg (DN 300). This lightweight design simplifies handling and installation, ensuring operator ease.
  2. Minimal components: These valves boast a streamlined design with an optimal number of components. This not only enhances durability but also streamlines maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  3. Ease of cleaning: Crafted with advanced elastomers and polished stainless steel, Rotovalve Light guarantees easy cleaning and the maintenance of impeccable hygiene standards. Smooth surfaces and crevice-free design eradicate potential debris accumulation points, drastically reducing contamination risks.
  4. Tool-less assembly and disassembly: The modular architecture of Rotovalve Light permits effortless manual assembly and disassembly without any need for tools. This feature simplifies maintenance procedures, minimizes downtime, and ensures uninterrupted production, thereby maximizing productivity.
  5. Flow control: Effective bulk solids control facilitates optimal process management for various food materials.


  1. Reduced machine downtime: The dependable performance of Rotovalve Light slashes the incidence of operational glitches, translating to significantly reduced machine downtime. Uninterrupted production maximizes overall productivity.
  2. Lower maintenance costs: The straightforward design and tool-less assembly/disassembly lead to substantial reductions in maintenance expenses. With fewer components and simplified maintenance procedures, companies can save both time and resources on repairs and upkeep.
  3. Heightened efficiency: The precision flow control mechanisms integrated into Rotovalve Light optimize the efficiency of product dispensing. By minimizing waste and enhancing feeding precision, companies can optimize their production processes and attain higher levels of efficiency.
  4. Enhanced hygiene and safety: the valves, crafted from advanced materials like EN 1.4404 stainless steel, guarantee superior hygiene and safety standards. Reduced contamination risks and improved cleanliness enable companies to uphold the highest quality control measures, safeguarding their products and reputation.
  5. Impeccable cleanliness: The crevice-free design of Rotovalve Light eliminates potential debris accumulation areas, ensuring immaculate cleanliness and reducing contamination risks. This allows companies to meet stringent quality control standards tailored to their products.
  6. Streamlined functionality: By incorporating precise flow control mechanisms, Rotovalve Light resolved functionality issues faced by each company. This minimized product wastage, improved dispensing accuracy, and optimized overall production efficiency, resulting in consistent high-quality products delivered to their customers.
  7. Quality Control Integration: Rotovalve Light seamlessly integrated with the companies’ quality control processes. The reliable functionality and precise flow control of our valves became integral in ensuring that products consistently met the highest standards of quality and safety.


This is a remarkable impact of transitioning from obsolete, unsanitary gate valves to the pioneering Rotovalve Light for the control and dispensing of bulk solids within the food industry. By tackling cleanliness, functionality, and quality control challenges tailored to each company’s products, they not only attained heightened efficiency but also upheld the most stringent product quality standards.

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