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Green Production is the Way Forward

Green Production is the Way Forward
12 Oct 2022  |
Have you ever heard of green palletizers in the best quality that is being shipped worldwide?

Save 20 % energy with green packaging

Sustainability and thinking greener is beginning to be a more determining factor for making an investment in packing machines. Not many manufactures can state that they produce green palletizers using minimum of energy. Ehcolo is being the leading manufacturer of palletizers, in terms of low energy consumption and of course also related to the best quality obtainable.

All braking energy is re-used

Ehcolo are the leading palletizer manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. We have developed a technology that saves energy when motors in the machine slow down or stop, which they do often as this is natural for a palletizing machine. This braking energy is re-used by other running motors reducing energy consumption by up to 20% compared to others. Contributing to a safer and healthier environment and economy. On all axis for positioning, we use SEW servo motors, which is beyond the international efficiency standards, as no standards yet comply with the low energy consumption from these motor types.

The future of the packing industry

The smart effect Industry 4.0 has creating integration between the digital world and the physical production. Our palletizers and stretch hooders can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, and we at Ehcolo can monitor and access everything, also the history of events, so that we remotely easily can make eventual diagnostic work and in fact also operate the machines, change parameters, and eventually also change or improve software remote. This reduces downtime, makes everything more efficient, saves transport and travels, which also creates a greener production.

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