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Minimize the Most Prevalent Types of Damage During Transport

Minimize the Most Prevalent Types of Damage During Transport
10 Nov 2022  |
A Stretch Hooder is a packaging method where the pallets are being packed to ensure stable transport and protect the products.

There are many advantages when it comes to the new high-tech Stretch Hooder from Ehcolo. By investing in a Stretch Hooder the cost per pallet is reduced because less film material is being used and less waste occurs. A Stretch Hooder from Ehcolo will create quality packing that gives a high-quality impression of your products with the possibility of having your logo on all four sides on the film. This will create brand recognition and improve the first impression and presentation of the products to your customers. With a Stretch Hooder you will also protect your products from the weather and dust and reduce product loss caused by theft because of the high-quality packing.

Can there be more benefits to this machine? The short answer is yes. Your production will end up being more effective, which means that you can save cost on employees and create a safer environment for everyone at the workplace. Everyday goods are being damaged under transport that often can be coursed by the lack of efficiency and incorrect packaging. When packaging your goods with a Stretch Hooder it ensures protection from the risk of damaged corners, edges, and scratches.

A new way of thinking Stretch Hood

Ehcolo have developed a new way of thinking Stretch Hood by making a compact machine, with a mechanical opening system (no vacuum for film opening) and with servo drives on all main axis, which result in a high accuracy, low wear, and noiseless operation. The stretch hood machine from Ehcolo run with a non-gusseted film which gives you the benefit of 4-sided marketing/logo on the pallet and the double film amount on each film roll (less film change = less cost and downtime). The Stretch Hooder type HM80 is equipped with a remote VPN control where Ehcolo easily and remotely can make diagnostic work, operate the machines, change parameters, and improve software if needed. The Stretch Hooder type HM80 is being sold separately but can also be part of their Turnkey Packing Lines, which consists of different bagging machines, palletizers and stretch hooders.

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